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Ingleby Racing services offer a top class service to horse racing enthusiasts everywhere. Many aspects of racing have changed a great deal over the last decade, non more so that the partnership scene. The cost of owning a racehorse can be fairly prohibitive but now you can “Live your Dream” of owning a racehorse.

Partnerships and Shares Available
Partnerships are a grand way of spreading the costs and still have total involvement, in fact many owners are far happier to have shares in numerous horses and “not to put all their eggs in one basket” so to speak.

Partnerships range from two to twenty partners although twelve shares are usually the norm, tending to comprise of owners of the small business whose involvement grows along with their business. Go to the new partnership page for recently acquired bloodstock.

What are Partnerships and Shares in Horses?
Put quite simply, together with other partners we buy a horse for example £24,000. If there are 12 Partners each one pays £2,000 each. Then the horse is trained, maintained etc for which you pay a set monthly fee, from around £135 per month, then when the horse is raced, if it is succesful prize money is paid into each partners capital account!

I have partnerships with shares available including a new partnership being set up with Richard Fahey call now!!.


Shares Available

I have 3 shares in staying 3 mile hurdler Redkalani with Keith Reveley

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